Although we are all trying to build smarter, happier, healthier lives, we constantly face numerous problems, such as unsustainable development, global conflict, poverty, natural disaster, unemployment, gender inequality, addiction, sickness, depression, misunderstanding, endless technical disruption... etc. It seems there are already too many problems in the world, therefore, people may not want to see or hear about any more problematic matters. However, there are problems we don’t notice or recognize as problems. It is impossible to solve problems without identifying and defining them, and it is impossible to makes our situation better with ignorance. Let’s find more problems together before we become confused and get desperate.


About the workshop: The topic of the workshop is "PROBLEM(S)". It is an important task for artists to notice concealed issues as problems and set out to address them. In this workshop the participants got an opportunity to talk about, be aware of, and identify, invisible/undiscovered/hidden problems around them. The workshop introduced several practices to learn to notice problems and investigate these problems as subject matters. The participants experimented and presented the subjects in performance art form, through diverse assignments and exercises: both in the studio space and in public, as solo work and in groups. The goal of the workshop was for the participants to find and develop their own methods through dialogue and physical experience and finalize their ideas through the medium of performance art.


Performance workshop at Nafasi Art Space, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (April 6-8, 2017)