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(T)here (2015)


(T)here benefits from being scheduled at the end of the event, as it forces a part of the audience to leave the venue. In this performance Tsuchimoto invites the visitors to an interactive experience, in which she works with silence and body contact as communication. Using (or abusing) the power of being on stage, she hands out envelopes which says “Do not open yet”. Then, she makes the audience stand in a straight line and read their letters. If the note says “welcome” they can rest easy, if it says “go home” she forces them out of the building and lock the door. Finally, she makes the remaining audience focus on a big hourglass, which she turns over before she wordlessly leaves the venue. What happens next is out of her control.


Performance at PAO Festival 2015 at Atelier Nord / ANX, Oslo, Norway: Organized by Performance Art Oslo

(photo by Pietro Pellini, video: camera by Anne-Liis Kogan, editing by Martin Söderbolm)


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