Performance workshop with Hans Christian van Nijkerk

at Gamle Bergen, Norway 


Co-production with BLOKK

Supported by Nordic Culture Point




1. Mental or bodily distress.
2. Something that disturbs one’s comfort; an annoyance. 
3. To cause annoyance or distress to.
4. Make (someone) feel uneasy, anxious, or embarrassed.


A prevalent tendency in the times we live in are the many possibilities that facilitate avoiding discomfort.
Noise-cancelling headphones - freedom from undesirable sounds -, the “echo chambers” of online discussion (Great: avoiding other people who disagree with you), how the internet is only displaying search results that it thinks you will like (Because you listened to X, our algorithms have calculated you should like Y), the frequent pampering and over-protection of today’s children, “trigger warnings” (over-protection for adults?), the endless possibilities of smartphones (Avoid being bored), the hand-holding in many modern video games (avoid getting lost), participation trophies... the list goes on.


About the workshop:
This 1-day workshop will be mostly practical, introducing the participants to different ways to work with performance art and “discomfort” being the overriding subject. The bulk of the workshop will consist of various assignments and exercises to enable the participants to grow as performers.
The goal of the workshop is to investigate the subject of discomfort through the medium of performance art. To let the participants experiment in the studio and in public while also giving them tools to confidently pursue their own performance work.