Performance Weekend at Marabouparken, Stockholm, Sweden

17:30-21:20 on Friday, May 19th

12:00-21:30 on Saturday, May 20th 




The event weekend takes place in connection to their summer exhibition Starting rom the self that investigates the different ways society structures us to perform in different spaces, from public to private, from home to work. The exhibition is particularly concerned with how gender, race and class play into questions of private and public boundaries and the different ways people have transgressed and renegotiated these borders and the categorisation of space. 






For this performance Tsuchimoto questions how we as human beings identify ourselves according to gender, race, ethnicity, and nationality in the present globalized, individualistic social context. She invites the audience to reflect upon her self-representation as a Japanese immigrant in a critical way: Am I genuinely able to identify with, and represent the story in 2017 solely because of my Japanese immigrant background?