Performance event at Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden

organized by PALS -Performance Art Links

on 5 June, 2015


PALS play tag – a new series of international exchanges in performance art starts with a packed performance evening in cooperation with: 
Galeria Raczej (Poznan, Poland)
Polska institutet
uNder_jOrden sTockholm

Performance art in Poland has a fascinating, strong, continuous tradition. During half a century of turbulent political and cultural history, performance art in Poland has always been present, challenging, thought-inspiring and filled with energy. Today PALS presents a new generation of polish artists who have already conquered their own definition of what performance art is.

ATTENTION! 3rd of June 2015! 
PALS in cooperation with uNder_jOrden sTockholm presents a spontaneous performance program in public space at one of the metro stations in Stockholm (follow us on Facebook to know time and place!)

Participating polish artists:

Konrad Juściński - explores a specific state of equilibrium called by the artist as a "safe place", a continuous pursuit between optimization and change. 
Anna Kalwajtys - questions aspects of the human condition in contemporary culture along with construction of identity and social transgression. 
Agnieszka Szablikowska - curator of Galeria Raczej 
Łukasz Trusewicz - interested in perception of art and the potential of historical memory inherent in different spaces.
Hubert Wińczyk - runs ”the Urinatorium project” focused on found sounds, acoustic waste of human activity.

Participating swedish artists:

Gustaf Broms - explores why The Dancing Atoms of This Body are not merging with the dancing atoms surrounding it.
"Dryckesbröderna / The Drinking Brothers" - are a travelling duo, dressed as fin-de-siècle artists that make their way to bars and art museums worldwide.

PALS, Performance Art Links 
Irina Anufrieva
Lovisa Johansson
Denis Romanovski
Erik Wijkström
Hiroko Tsuchimoto


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